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As a company, we continue to offer unmatched value to our customers on the strength of our sound fundamentals in core business. We have earmarked a strong focus on improving our product quality, relations with the textile community, as well as increasing our investment and empowering our business to drive sustainable growth. The fundamental pillars of our success remain our skilled, experienced, talented, motivated and dedicated workforce who continue to harness their diverse synergies. A company that exhibits the financial strength to weather both good and challenging market conditions and a business that operates with only the highest standards of quality, integrity and excellence.

Muhammad Tanveer
CEO | Founder

What We Do

Fabric Development

Customizing fabrics is all about product development. With AA Impex experienced and knowledgeable sales staff leading the way they can assist you in locating the right fabrics at the best prices for your special needs. Determining the best fabric will include an in depth analysis of fabric content and construction. Our vision and mission reinforces our position as a driving force in the textile sector.

Greige Fabric

What are Greige Goods? Simply put, Greige Goods are fabrics that are just off the loom or knitting machine that are in a natural or unfinished state. When picking out the right Greige Goods it is important to consider your end use in order to determine what type of weave will best suit your needs. At AA Impex, we aim to educate our clients and assist them in choosing the right fabric for the job.

Dye | Print Fabrics

People purchase fabric for countless reason; look, feel, color, print and/or design, but AA Impex realizes that it is crucial to match the fabric to the intended end use and customer. And while stylish fabrics are often in demand, natural fabrics and the basic color palette including black and white are still the work horse of the wholesale industrial textile industry. AA Impex knowledge and practical experience is important when customers need dyed fabrics.

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Greige Fabrics
Dyed Fabrics
Printed Fabrics
Yarn Dyed Fabrics

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Our commitment towards ‘Business, Happy Life’ is embodied in our commitment of providing safe.

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Customer Service

Dedication to delivering quality products and fair pricing, AA Impex emphasizes superior customer service. Their dedicated sales and service staff is committed to ensuring that every experience with AA Impex is as informative, positive and productive as possible. Call today to speak with a team member and learn how AA Impex can help your business grow.

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